Founded by Glenn Kendrick Ackermann and Jason Piette, Disrupting Influence  provides production, financing and sales services for commercially unique theatrical, VOD and television content. Depending on the project, the DI team is attached as producers and as sales agent. Disrupting Influence provides an individualized assessment for each project while maintaining the creative integrity of the filmmakers and minimizing risk exposure for its investors.

DI’s expertise includes:


• Script development from literary adaptations – novels, etc.

• Script development from existing screenplays

• Script assessment for commerciality

• Project assessment on financial structure and creative packaging

• Review of existing finance plans as well as and advising on drafting original finance plans

• In depth knowledge of domestic and international tax incentives and international co-production treaties used to structure multi-territory co-productions

• Sourcing Gap, Bridge Finance and Equity

• Access to all levels of buyers as applicable to the project

• Evaluation of existing sales estimates

• Preparing bankable sales estimates tailored to each project

• Film Market and Film Festival consultation and preparation

• Providing domestic and international sales agent services

• Providing physical delivery and QC services

• Acquisitions for international broadcasters


At this year’s Cannes Film Festival the domestic acquisition of our feature film Berlin, I Love You starring Helen Mirren and Kiera Knightley was announced. Berlin, I Love You is the latest instalment in the successful Cities of Love franchise (Paris je t’aime, New York I Love You). This delightful anthology explores how romance is expressed on the unique streets of Berlin, through love won, lost, and everything in between. Disrupting Influence are executive producers on Berlin, I Love You and are selling in association with Highland Film Group.


DI is delighted to have boarded A.I. action-thriller Infinite L∞p, written by studio level visual effects designer Bastiaan Koch. Infinite L∞p follows the lives of two San Francisco Bay Area A.I. tech-mogul brothers who changed the world. Their ambitions inadvertently cause an artificial super intelligence singularity and human evolution is brought full circle to primitivity, having lost all autonomy to the new intelligence they have created. Bastiaan has collaborated with Michael Bay, Guillermo del Toro, Danny Boyle and Steven Spielberg to create some of the most memorable scenes and characters in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Transformers 2-4, The Avengers franchise, Pacific Rim, Sunshine, The Dark Knight, Ready Player One and most recently Bumblebee. Infinite L∞p is inspired by Bastiaan's science fiction short film Follow the Camera which has been acclaimed for its visual effects work and imagery in American Cinematographer and Gizmodo.


Through a joint venture with Rising Star China Holdings Group, DI will co-finance and co-produce a live action feature film adaptation of Jack London’s White Fang. Through cooperation with Mainland China investors, the project recently cleared censorship for China and is being packaged. Huayi Brothers will distribute White Fang in China.


In addition to working with established filmmakers, DI consults and works with Raindance LA to provide guidance and support to up and coming talent. Our approach is to provide them with the tools to get their projects off the ground while at the same time to provide a positive experience - giving them a road map to tackle their next project.


The eighteenth century embraced the idea of progress; the nineteenth century had evolution; the twentieth century had growth and innovation. Our era has disruption.









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